Emma Fordyce MacRae

August In New England

Emma Fordyce MacRae - Cape Ann Landscapes


August In New England

SatNav : 5 Hodgkins Street, Gloucester, MA

The oil painting of the landscape August in New England was chosen to be exhibited in Portrait of America Exhibition sponsored by Pepsi Cola in 1945 and is a wonderful example of Emma’s later distinctive painting style and her method of manipulating color to create impressionistic reflections in the water.  In this landscape August in New England you can see Emma’s use of red showing through the different greens around the houses on the opposite shore giving depth to the painting.   The Church on Washington Street remains as do the rocky cliffs but much has changed.

In Emma’s time Cape Ann itself was accessed by route 127 from the west and it still makes its way around the Cape.  Care has been taken with the directions.  However, it is recommended that you check the directions possibly with the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce map.

When I first visited Gloucester, Massachusetts I had no idea where Emma had painted the landscapes I had photographs of.  I stayed at Julietta House and told Susan of my difficulty.  Within hours Susan had abandoned her guests and was driving me around and up and down different streets to the edge of the sea and back again and so on until we finally located where Emma placed her easel to paint the landscape you will see as you go around Cape Ann so many years ago.

When you stop on Hodgkins Street you will be a few feet above the spot where Emma placed her easel and painted August in New England.   This landscape is of Riverdale which Emma is known to have painted a few times.