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Rockport Beach

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Rockport Beach

SatNav : 1 King Street, Rockport, MA

To paint the landscape Rockport Beach on Cape Ann Emma placed her easel on the raised land opposite King Street just above the beach. This oil painting is one of several paintings Emma painted of Rockport. The scene has little changed today.

Like Emma, other artists from New York spent their summers on Cape Ann.  Leon Kroll and Harrison Cady who she knew through working with them at the National Academy in New York had houses nearby and Max Kuehne who as well as painting made picture frames and tables for her.  Theresa Bernstein and Fern Coppedge fellow members of the Philadelphia Ten were in Rockport as well as Gifford Beal, Aldro Hibbard, Harry Leith-Ross and Anthony Thieme as well sculptors Anna Hyatt Huntington and Richard Recchia who had married Emma’s friend Kitty Parsons.   Frank DuMonde her first teacher and John Sloan another teacher were also in the area.

Emma was a Member of the Gloucester Society of Artists not the Rockport Art Association.  Rockport is  known as an artist’s colony and many artists have studios on Bear Skin Neck and the Rockport Art Association still houses exhibitions of local artists.  Rockport is well worth a walk around before driving on with its many galleries and restaurants.  

Rockport Beach
Oil painting
New England Landscape
Exhibited: Cape Ann Museum, Page 20 catalogue
Emma Fordyce MacRae 1887-1974