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Stage Fort Park

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Stage Fort Park

SatNav : 8 Old Salem Road, Gloucester, MA

From here Emma painted the landscape with flowers in the garden, the tombstones in the cemetery, the American flag, the Annisquam River and the town in the distance.  Her technique in Stage Fort Park is similar to her other paintings but without so much of the background showing through and in this landscape oil painting there are no boats or reflections in the water.

As you leave Stage Fort Park turn right towards Gloucester on Route 127 and take the first left onto Old Salem Road.  Atlantic Highlands the house built by Emma’s father is up the hill on the left. 

Emma abandoned by MacRae may have lived with her parents during the summers at their home on Old Salem Road while waiting for her marriage to end.  Emma’s father purchased the land in 1916 and built Atlantic Highlands which he left to Emma when he died in 1925 -- the year she exhibited White Boat.

Dr. Homer Swift, Emma’s second husband, usually spent the weekends in summer with her at Atlantic Highlands and the plants Emma painted were more often than not selected by Homer during winter evenings in their New York apartment pouring over seed catalogues and a collection of garden books to design a summer garden for her.

Stage Fort Park
Oil painting
New England Landscape
Exhibited: Cape Ann Museum, Page 15 catalogue
Emma Fordyce MacRae 1887-1974

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